Rockstar Lincoln

Rockstar Lincoln Ltd. (formerly Tarantula Studios), is a British video game developer based in Lincoln, England. It is a subsidiary of Rockstar Games and their dedicated quality assurance and video game localization studio.


The studio was founded in 1997 as Tarantula Studios, a subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive, and developed adaptions of video games for Game Boy, Game Boy Color platforms, such as for Grand Theft Auto and Grand Theft Auto 2, and original games, such as Las Vegas Cool Hand. Additionally, it developed the PlayStation ports of Kiss Pinball and Hidden & Dangerous. Tarantula Studios was renamed Rockstar Lincoln in 2002 and moved to the Rockstar Games umbrella, solely becoming a quality assurance and video game localization company. The company incorporated as Rockstar Lincoln Ltd. in 2006.


Website: Rockstar Lincoln